Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"Sam's Flowers", Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 8"x10"

"Sam's Flowers", Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 8"x10".
This painting was completed not too long.  The original intention was to give it as a wedding gift to a couple that got married in September.  Things were a little crazy for me late August through October so a bunch of things got put on the back burner.

I had learned that the bride's favorite flowers are lavender hydrangeas.  However in my mind I remembered it as pink hydrangeas.  So I searched and searched for pink hydrageas.  I ended up going to a florist who I was able to purchase some from for a photo shoot.

It was at this point, that I rechecked my source for the information on the bride's favorite flowers and realized that I had misunderstood.  Ugh! I was pretty much burnt out from my search for the pink ones that I didn't want to start a search for lavender ones!

I don't make it a practice of changing out a color of a flower on the reference photo but I looked at it as a challenge at this point.  I worked consistently on it and finally finished the painting.

I ended up liking the final painting so much that I included it on my 2017 Art Calendar.  Order yours here!

BTW-the bride and groom just recently received their gift and they loved it.

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