Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Results from the 30 Day Painting Challenge!

I have had some people ask me about the results of my 30 day painting challenge.

I put all the paintings that I completed from November 25, 2015-December 25, 2015 above.

I was able to complete 16 paintings over the 30 days.  My original goal was 30(one a day) but I realize how hard it was to complete this while doing it(especially during the Christmas season).  Some of the paintings I "started from scratch" while others were paintings that were in corners of my studio that needed to be finished.  Two were commissions for Christmas presents that were obtained once I started the challenge.

I am happy to say out of the 16 paintings, 11 of them no longer live with me.  They were either sold, commissioned or given as gifts.

I am going to do the challenge again but I am definitely waiting a year before I do it again. My life is very hectic right now homeschooling my children to try to attempt it before then.

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