Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tess on the Water, Water on Aquabord, 8"x10".

I used to work in watercolors many years ago.  When I think about it the last time I did a watercolor painting I think it was probably about 16 years ago.  I much enjoy acrylics and doing mixed media pieces more.

I was recently given a bunch of art supplies by my in-laws that used to belong to my husband's 2nd cousin Ginger who passed away some time in the 80s.  One of the items was a John Pike Palette that was filled with dried watercolors in all different colors.

All the colors were vibrant once I added water to them.

I thought it would be a good time to use them to work on a request that I had many years ago from one of my best friends. She wanted me to paint a portrait of her dog using watercolors.  I had done another portrait of a different dog of hers and she wanted one to go along with it.  I had been putting i off because most of my watercolor tubes were dried up and useless.  Also, I just wasn't excited about doing watercolors again.

I soon got into the portrait using Ampersand Aquabord which I am assuming wasn't a product when I last did watercolors.  I didn't have to worry about stretching paper and I loved the way it felt using it.  It was strange switching from doing acrylics to watercolors because you have to think opposite when painting.  I couldn't put dark colors in right away with the watercolors knowing that it would be hard to lighten up if I changed my mind.

I finished the painting and my friend was thrilled with it.
Tess on the Water, Watercolor on Aquabord, 8"x10"
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