Saturday, April 30, 2016

"Zesty", Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas, 8"x8"

I was asked recently if I could do some "fruit" still lifes.  This is my first piece that I completed.  I have been so busy with my kids' schooling and activities lately that it has been hard to find time to complete all of my work in progresses!

I tried to to complete this by painting it in the Flemish style of painting.  Even though I paint in acrylic and a lot of the instructions are geared towards oil, I still attempted to do a modified version of this style.  I create "underpaintings" for a lot of my pieces but I don't do it for every one.  After finishing the piece, the "art critics that I live with thought that my piece was too dark.  Take a look at the side to side comparison between the "work in progress" and the finished piece.

It really shows the difference between the two when you look at them side by side.  I rather like the revised one best.

Thanks for peeking at my blog!  Look forward to posting more art soon!

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